Santa Cruz to Los Cedros, Alpamayo Valley Trek

  • 10 Day Trek
  • Fully Supported
  • All Inclusive

Enjoy a Santa Cruz to Los Cedros Valley guided trek. A complete circuit around Alpamayo Mountain. Ascend through Andean environment with panoramic views of the Cordillera Blanca, crossing several passes, spectacular valleys with abundant flora and fauna and the opportunity to see the famous Nevado Alpamayo Mountain 5947m, the most beautiful mountain in the world.

Natural History
The valleys are great places to observe native Andean alpine flora, especially the many wildflowers that bloom during the trekking season, including buttercups, ranunculus, lupines and several species of orchids. Many encrustations of deep-red bromeliads can be seen along the track, sprouting from boulders and on rock faces.
Fauna includes few alpacas and llamas, mountain caracaras, falcons, Andean geese and ducks, hawks, hummingbirds, American kestrels, puna ibis, Andean swifts, Andean foxes and mountain vizcachas. Sightings of the mighty condor are possible.

Trek Highlights

  • Unique Mountain Views
  • U – Shaped Valleys
  • Deep Glacial Lakes
  • World Class Trek

Trekking Details

Grade: Strenuous, Up to 5 – 8 hours physical activity each day
Distance: 132 Km
Maximum altitude: 4860m
Price: From USD– per person.

Season: May – September
Pickup and Drop-off: We will collect and return you to any hotel located within Huaraz City.
Our Trek Price Includes:
Not Included:
What to Bring: We will provide a full gear list with information.


Lets Go! Vamos!

Day 1: Huaraz – Cashapampa – Llamacorral

You are picked up at your accommodation and begin the journey with a spectacular scenic drive along the Callejon de Huaylas Valley to the village of Cashapampa 2900m which is the starting point of the trek (3 hours drive). There are opportunities for photo stops along the way. From Cashapampa we start to ascend steeply for about 2 hours and then the track levels out, we climb steadily along the Quebrada Santa Cruz to camp at Llamacorral 3750m. 5 hours walk.

Day 2: Llamacorral – Taullipampa

An easier hike up the Santa Cruz valley to our camp at Taullipampa 4250m. 5 hours walk. It is generally flat and we ascend just the last hour towards the camp. We walk past the beautiful Jatuncocha Lake. Our camp is situated near at the base of the beautiful nevado Taulliraju Mountain and we are also surrounded by other peaks such as Paria, Artseonraju, Rinrijirca, Quitaraju and Alpamayo.

Santa Cruz Hiking

Day 3: Taullipampa – Punta Union Pass – Paria

We ascend steadily for about 3 hours on a good trail to Punta Union Pass 4750m. We can feel the effects of the altitude as we reach the pass. From the pass we have very close views of the big mountains of the Cordillera Blanca. From the pass, we descend to Huaripampa Valley passing two small lakes to camp at Tuctubamba 4100m. 7 hours walk.

santa cruz trekking

Day 4: Tuctubamba – Alto de Pucaraju Pass – Huecrococha Lake

We ascend steeply on a rocky path to the top of Paso Alto de Pucaraju Pass 4640m. From the top of the pass there are lovely views of many mountains such as Taulliraju, Chacraraju, Paria and many others. We then walk down through lupin covered hillside to camp at Laguna Huecrococha Lake. 4000m. 7 to 8 hours walk.

trekking in peru

Day 5: Huecrococha – Tupa Tupa Pass – Jancapampa

We ascend towards Paso Tupatupa Pass 4360m with views of the massive snow-capped peaks of the Cordillera Blanca and then we have a long descent to camp at the head of the Jancapampa Valley at 3700m. 7 to 8 hours hike. We will see many local people and kids wondering around the campsite.

los cedros circuit

Day 6: Jancapampa – Yanacon Pass – Huillca

We ascend a long gradual valley for 3 hours and then we climb steeply to reach the rocky Pass Paso Yanacon 4610m for another 2 hours. We go down to our camp at Huillca 4100m. 7 to 8 hours hike.

Day 7: Huillca – Mesapata Pass – Gara Gara Pass – Jancarurish

We have to cross two passes today. The first pass is a gradual climb to the lower pass of Mesapata 4460m, we then traverse and continue climbing to the higher pass Paso Gara Gara 4830m from where we have great views of the big mountains Jancarurish, Quitaraju, Alpamayo and Laguna Jancarurish lake. We descend to camp at Jancarurish 4250m at the foot of the majestic Alpamayo. 7 to 8 hours hike.

cordillera blanca hiking

Day 8: Jancarurish – Ruina Pampa – Vientunan Pass – Osoruri

We descend a flat valley for about 2 hours before hiking up on a well-used trail towards Paso Vientunan Pass 4770m and then descend to our camp at Osoruri 4550m. 6 to 7 hours walk.

Day 9: Osoruri – Cullicocha Pass – Cullicocha Lake – Wishcash

We start with an easy climb up to Paso Cullicocha 4860m pass from where we have lovely views of the surrounding mountains. We then descend to the fabulous lake Laguna Cullicocha 4650m from where we can admire the majestic peaks of Nevados Santa Cruz before descending to our last camp at Wishcash 4350m. 6 – 7 hours walk.

cordillera blanca trekking

Day 10: Wishcash – Hualcayan – Huaraz

We descend a long zigzag trail to the village of Hualcayan 2900m and then drive back to Huaraz. 4 hours walk and 3 hours drive.


Trek Highlights

  • Unique Mountain Views
  • U – Shaped Valleys
  • Deep Glacial Lakes
  • World Class Trek

Trek Dates

  • May 07 – May 16
  • June 09 – June 18
  • July 01 – July 10
  • Aug 03 – Aug 12
  • Sep 07 – Sep16

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